Wedding Dress Winter Sales

When it comes to wedding dresses on a budget, these are often hard to come by and the wedding industry is good keeping them a secret, especially when it comes to plus size dresses. This is why I am really excited to hear that Dynasty London is upping their game in the affordable plus sized wedding and evening dresses. From my past experiences of trying on dresses that are of plus size because that is what I need, many of them were almost see-through! I don’t know if this is to save on costs or amount of material, but I was amazed of how poor quality many of them were. However, Dynasty London’s dresses are of superior quality. The selection is fantastic and they cater for plus size evening dresses for brides, bridesmaids and mothers. What make them even more attractive are the price tags! The plus size evening dresses I tried on did not need any alterations what so ever and I really liked it! In short, if you are shopping a plus sized dress in the budget range of below £1000 then Dynasty London is one of the best places to shop as you will find something that fits like a dream, is stylish and has structure to it and ticks all the boxes.

The Dynasty London website is well laid out and has clear sections and pages that you can view that contains all the dresses available for certain sizes, shapes, styles, brides, bridesmaids, mother and even prom dresses | They also have a sale section from time to time, where you can find some absolute bargains! This is particularly good when it comes to finding a dress to wear to friends’ weddings and so forth.

The Dynasty London dresses are made to such a high standard and are actually true industry sizes which mean if you are normally a size ten, and then you are still a size ten! Not a bridal twenty-two or something crazy. On the flip side however there is not much in the way of vanity sizing either, so unfortunately that means putting some small sizes back on the rail.

Some top tips when choosing a plus size wedding dress

Never go by what you see in the guide book or website, that model will be totally different to you and what suits them might not necessarily suit you. And it is nearly impossible to judge by looking at a mannequin as it could be much different from your own body!

The sales person is your friend, or at least they should be as it is their job to find you the best dress that you love. They should know what dresses they have without having to think.

It is perfectly normal that it will take time to find the right dress. There will be many dresses that you try on that either just doesn’t fit, looks just okay or just isn’t flattering enough. It is also perfectly normal to think that you will not find something that you like, but you will…eventually. The good dresses will come towards the end of your hunting. As the saying goes, patience is key.


Add some glamour to your wedding

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How To Shoot Events

This tutorial was suggested by Matt Heath for all our budding Event and wedding photographers.


Our Photographer Nicole Engelmann

To get things rolling, all of our imagery is provided by this amazing photographer who specialises in event photography in London. Nicole has worked for some top companies and is even the sole photographer for the Hey Saturday dating brand! She has amazing photography credentials and it is a huge bonus that she is working with the Glamoured Blog.

wedding photography photo in fields

wedding photography photo in fields

event photography by nicole engelmann

event photography by nicole engelmann